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Tutorial: Turban Style Scarf Wrap

1. Fold your scarf into a triangle

2. Place the long side of the scarf along the back of your head

3. Tie the two longer ends together over the shorter middle end (twice)

4. Twist the ends of the middle section, then roll and tuck it underneath the knot

5. Pull one of the longer ends around the back of your head and tuck it under the scarf

6. Repeat on the other side


(via alexandraelle)

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I am proud of who I am as a female and the role that I play in this world. Without me there would be no you. At this moment right now, I just came back to the realization that I have a sense of self and I feel that through my bones. When you know who you are you know where you come from no one can hurt you, harm you or damage you. You realize you are protected. You know in your heart that you are greater on the inside than you are on the outside. The comments people make and the gossip that goes on is no longer a factor in your life because you have a sense of self.