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I am sick of seeing women rip each other apart.
I am sick of girls hating on girls who have spray tans and take selfies.
I am sick of women bitching about each other.
I am sick of women calling each other ‘sluts’.
I am sick of this insecurity-fuelled jealousy, and this jealousy-fuelled rivalry.
The day will never come when a woman is congratulated on her achievements in the same way that a man is until we stop tearing each other the fuck apart.
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I am an African. I cannot explain to you how many times people have decided to be nice to me immediately they hear my accent. I watch them smile, trying suddenly to be nice to me. No, don’t do that. Somehow, they realize i am not African American and they want to be nice? No, don’t do that. Don’t ever in your life do that. That you are nice to me and terrible to others will not make you a better racist.
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